I’ve decided to start putting our weekly reviews into a separate post.

That way, each post is more focused.

Which leads me to some big news…

One-Month Anniversary Review 🎂

Woohoo! We’ve been together for a month.

All the members have shown up almost every single day.

Why is that?

We added a $5 penalty…

…and we check-in daily on our shared spreadsheet.

If I asked you to choose a strategy…

  1. Competitor Keyword Research: You use your competitors to find proven keywords.
  2. Seed Keyword Research : You use niche keywords to find untapped keywords.

….which would you choose for new niche sites?

Not sure? Let’s break it down…

Competitor Keyword Research

You should never copy your competition. Only use them to learn what works.

That’s something Tony Stark learned.

Stark built his first suit in a cave:

It was powered by his new arc reactor tech.

Iron Monger, Tony’s greedy business partner, simply stole his designs and arc reactor…

How did America beat Great Britain?

Guerilla warfare.

The Americans adopted a mixture of ambushes, hit-and-run raids and surprise attacks.

While the British fought in a mostly predictable fashion.

The end result?

America won.

But they didn’t win because of these guerilla warfare.

These small battles provided something else…

Small wins.

With each small win, you slowly start to believe you can win.

Do the same with your niche site.

Right now, you are America. You are small with very little resources.

How do you beat the Great Britain of your niche?

Sun Tzu, ancient military general, put it best:

Karate Kid wanted to learn karate fast.

So he tried to force his sensei to hurry up and teach him the ‘good’ stuff.

But his sensei said the same thing:

“Focus Daniel-san. One thing at a time.”

When Doctor Strange wanted to master the mystic arts, what did he do?

He found someone that already achieved his goal…

(The Ancient One)

…and simply copied her.

He read all the stuff she recommended:

I applied for an SEO job 3 years ago.

I went to two interviews. They looked at me and my lack of credentials and said:

“Not good enough.”

So I never got hired.

Being stubborn, I decided if nobody was going to give me a job, I’d create my own job.

So I learned SEO by creating a curriculum…

(Curriculum based off Backlinko’s Content)

…and then learning each skill one-by-one and applying it to my own site.

The result?

My site went from $10/month to a full-time income.

Although I succeeded, I felt like Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins.

One writer’s discovery that transformed him into an author

Eric Foster dreamed of writing a book for 10+ years.

The problem? Procrastination. Eric would write for a few days…then quit for months.

This cycle went on for years until Eric accidentally stumbled upon the solution to his problem. This solution got Eric from blank screen syndrome to completed book in just 6 months time.

How a simple university simulation predicted Coronavirus’s devastating impact

After the 9/11 attacks, two U.S. senators and media rooms received this letter:


The letter reads:

“You can not stop us. We have this Anthrax. You die now. Are you afraid? Death to America. Death to Israel. Allah is great.”

For reference, anthrax is a deadly disease similar to coronavirus. The letter was laced with it.

As a result, 5 people died and more than 17 people were infected.

After this happened, the White House quickly feared Al-Qaeda’s new weapon of mass terror…

Rocky Maksoud

I’m an SEO trying to get better. I teach what I learn here.

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